Restoring a classic car in Alcalá Autotaller

From these lines we want to convey the passion that means for us to restore a classic car.
The vehicles of the past now considered collectibles, antiques full rights that are so collectible box as a painter since disappeared or showcase nineteenth century, and have an economic value on the rise.
But on the other hand, are objects that belong to the owner's emotional, whether it is a car that wanted to have in his youth, or because this unit belonged to a loved one, which makes them priceless objects.
Whatever the reason that you encourage your classic car restored in our workshop we share the passion for your car and put at your disposal our experience and quality service.

How to restore a classic car:

The key to fine dining, part of a skilled workforce and modern facilities, is knowing how to appreciate the originality of the car retaining as many original parts in your vehicle restoration. For this, must know in detail the processes and materials making the time to restore each item in the state in which it left the factory.
Originality beyond the outward appearance and in our workshop we strive to match every detail that should bring the model. A fine dining should not err on the type of rivet, cable, flange or sleeve.
Our commitment to originality requires exhaustive documentation work, and above all a love for the work they are doing.
The quality is Autotaller Alcalá reward work well done.

Testoration Alcala.cat

Raid Renault 4L

Mini Morris 1000E year 1970

1/2.5 Scale Manufacturing F1

Scale Model 1/5 Mercedes Benz Special Roadster 500K year 1936

SEAT 131 YEAR 1976


Fita Engine

VESPA 1960


FIAT 1100 YEAR - 1962