Car sales

Car Wash



Check and reparations in general.We are a multibrand garage


Bodywork repair and painting. In steel, aluminum, plastics and composite material.


We only use quality materials,used in factory and ensuring the final finish.


Testbed for brakes and suspension, gas analyzer, etc ...


Gas charge and cleaning the circuit hoses with a special method.


Oil change and filters and also full inspection of the mechanical parts


Analyze and report the status of dampers, replacing to premium brands if are needed


Only we assemble brands, to ensure safety.

Since 1985, Autotaller Alcalà offer our guests a comprehensive variety of auto services in both our workshop, with bodywork and painting, as well as electromechanical repairs among others, and our dealership for new and pre-owned automobiles. Troubleshooting and extreme concern for the environment are two of the main goals of our company.

Fast and professional service, quality components, competitive prices, comprehensive warranty, personal attention and computerised management are some of the concepts that we offer proudly for you at Autotaller Alcalà. Customer satisfaction is everyone's job at Autotaller Alcalà.

We always recommend for your own safety to make service inspections in due time. Is important for us to prevent future issues or faults in your car. Autotaller Alcalà is operated since 1985 by the brothers Manel and Joan which constantly invests in technology and makes sure that our staff is continously trained.


Education European quality label to Alcalà's garage

The Department of Education has made this week, as part of Europe Day, a ceremony seal of quality European mobility training to 27 companies that have received training 70 students from 7 European countries, which have worked with 10 public vocational training ...

Is the world ready for everyone to have an electric car?

"It is," says Rafael Sánchez, head of industrial analysis studies at Endesa. "The network could feed a whole car park like the current [more than 28 million cars in Spain], but electric, provided that the load was organized in an intelligent way," adds the ...

Buy diesel or gasoline, what interests more?

Let's leave hybrids, plug-in hybrids and electric cars out of the way: they are newcomers, newcomers almost in diapers who do not have what it takes to put up with the fight, the Diesel from time immemorial. Okay, maybe that's been over, but in view of the ...

Airless tires and other innovations to come

Un estudi de la signatura Jato Dynamics va certificar que els fabricants d'automòbils van vendre l'any passat 84,2 milions d'unitats en el món (tant per a passatgers com per a activitat comercial lleugera), el que va suposar un augment del 5,6% respecte a ...